The rhythm of the Islands

Week 2 has been a different kettle of fish. Settling into the rhythm of Orkney we spent Monday on the mainland running activities in St Andrews School before heading back to Hoy to take the P1-3 Hoy School class out for a walk, canoe and hot chocolate at Rackwick Bay. The end of the week was spent with a school from nearby Stromness taking part in 3 days of activities including Coasteering, Canoeing, Gorge Walking and Bushcraft.


Watching seals surf at Rackwick

Our evenings have been beautiful. I’ve spent every evening running before dinner, out towards to The Old Man of Hoy before turning back to run along the beach. After dinner has consisted of films, crocheting, embroidery, reading and walking on the beach to watch seals play in the surf.

The second weekend on the Islands has been much more exciting for me! On Friday night I approached 3 climbers staying in Rackwick Bothy and they agreed to let me join them for their Old Man of Hoy attempt on Saturday, after being let down twice before I jumped at their kindness.


Very excited to be at the first belay!

Saturday morning I woke up early and spent an hour and a half preparing. The climb itself was epic, you’ll have to wait for its own special blog post to read more about it! Saturday evening after showering and dinner I headed down to the Bothy as an old friend Tom had caught the boat in. A quick catch up before walking back up the hill to bed was a lovely end to an amazing day!

Sunday I lay in until 10 and made myself eggy bread as a treat before a quick run to loosen up sore muscles. In the afternoon we made the 7 mile round trip to the Dwarfie Stane a neolithic tomb from 5500BC. We also spoke to the RSPB woman who was positioned with a telescope to see the nesting Sea Eagles that had come back to Orkney for the first time in 140 years. I learnt that their wingspan is 2.5m! After plodding back our last evening was chilled, food, sunshine and a walk on the beach.



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