Being priviledged.

I am privileged. I love my jobs. I love being self employed. I love being in charge of my own time and destiny. I love seeing results from the hours you put in. I love being my own boss…kind of.

I am self employed through my own businesses, if no money is earnt, I have no paycheck.


The Meat Hook Move – Ceroc

The majority of my year is spent running Ceroc Devon with Ivan. Ceroc is partner dancing company in the South West. We have 3 weekly venues, where we run classes, and 4 monthly freestyles, where we just DJ. An average week will see around 20 hours in the venues, and at least that behind the scenes making promotional material, keeping social media up to date, ordering supplies, making routines, booking venues, fixing kit, cashing up tills, emailing clients…the lists are never ending.

Scrambling on Tryfan

Scrambling on Tryfan – work!

My second role is for Edhouse Outdoors, my own freelancing business offering Outdoor Education Provision in climbing, caving, coasteering, mountaineering, kayaking, canoeing, archery…again the list goes on. Working mainly in the summer, this is more of a top-up but invaluable wage. Plus I love it, I love teaching in the outdoors.

The awesome thing about being self-employed is that if I don’t want to work Wednesdays (as there is no Ceroc on Wednesdays) (and if we don’t have childcare to think about) I don’t have to work. If the weather is sunny and I fancy an hour’s bike ride, followed by a sauna and swim, I can. That’s not to say there is no work to do, but my work schedule is so flexible that if I want to go bouldering I can.

Me and Hannah tackling one of the little drops

Me and Hannah – at work!

I feel incredibly privileged to have that freedom. To do a job I love so much it doesn’t really feel like work. Even days spent at the computer are enjoyable, the hours you put in have a direct correlation on how well the business does, and that’s satisfying. I often can’t believe I’m being paid to go Coasteering, or to go caving with amazing and interesting groups.

Ardeche Cimbing

Sport climbing – at work…again!

I cannot imagine being stuck in the prison that would be a Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm job. I applaude those of you who can, I however don’t think I will ever be able to go back to normality. Too many years of working seasons, too many years of self employment.

Although self employment comes with it’s own risks. What if we hit another recession, what if Ivan or I fall ill, how will we ever get a mortgage, will we still be doing this when we’re 50, ?


Oh dear…more work!

For all the huge negatives, I’m pretty darn happy being in charge of my own destiny.


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