Sprig is finally here…

This week has seen my first outdoor climbs of the season…and how glorious trad climbing has been in the bitterly cold sunshine after months of rain and rain and rain.

There’s something wonderful about the whole rhythm of Trad…the footsteps walking into the crag, the tinkling and clicking of carabiners and kit, the grunts, beta and shouts between partners.

There’s something therapeutic about the birds singing and the sun shining on you, once you’ve reached the belay you thought you wouldn’t.


Climbing at Dewerstone nearly a decade ago!

There’s something so fulfilling about climbing flowing routes, the movement of upwards motion and the focused head space needed for trad climbing.


Central Groove, still just as awesome (Photo:Charlie Chambers)

Climbing is the best thing…not since sliced bread…ever. Sometimes I forget this. Sometimes work and weather and family take over and make me forget how much I need to be outside, how much climbing does for my well being.


Abseiling past a knot practice.

This week I have managed an after work session re-climbing an amazing 3 star HS and grunting up a sandbagged VDiff chimney…also revisiting my old local Chudleigh Rocks and climbing things I’ve not stepped onto for nearly a decade.

Basically trad climbing is awesome.



A chilly Dewerstone (Photo:Charlie Chambers)




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