New Times in Old Devon

So Plas Y Brenin has finished, and after Norway was done and dusted I packed up my life into my Peugeot 206 (minus my bean bag which Hannah has kindly taken custody of) and made the last pilgrimage back down the M6 and the M5 to the lush green sunny fields of Devon.

Moving back to Devon meant moving into a new house with Ivan. I already had a new job lined up with PDC Inspirations (though in the first fortnight of working the name has now changed to Jack Russell Coaching) as a freelancer for 3 days a week. My other 4 days would be divided between days off and working in a more hands on role in Ceroc Devon.

Although Ceroc Devon is fairly new to Ivan and I we feel that now, after 6 months, we have it fairly under control and we know the routine. That doesn’t mean our evenings aren’t spent making promotional and marketing flyers and responding to the gazillion emails awaiting us everyday.

Exeter - Ceroc Devon

Exeter – Ceroc Devon

However, PDC Inspirations or Jack Russell Coaching is new. Jack Russell Coaching runs a whole variety of courses from indoor conference style days for companies to young persons walks across Dartmoor and team development days. Where ever the classroom maybe Jack and the team are focused on getting clients to better understand themselves and how they communicate with the people around them, unlock their own potential and leave them with a positive outlook.

At Jack Russell Coaching we use Insights Profiling to help people better understand themselves, others and learn to work together in a positive way for all. Clients take a questionnaire which then gives them a full 17 page profile on where they lie within the 72 postcodes. It tells them how best to be communicated with, strengths, weakness and much more.

72 Postcodes

72 Postcodes

People come out as leading with one particular colour. Either Fiery Red, Sunshine yellow, Earth Green or Cool Blue. Each colour has certain traits and values, people have all 4 colours inside them, but lead with one.

Insights Colour Wheel

Insights Colour Wheel

I come out as postcode 156, I sit within the grey area in Reformer (Purple) but very close to Observer (Blue). People within the grey area’s mean they have colour energies within them that oppose each other. My 2 strongest colours are blue (analytical and precise) but also yellow (social able and dynamic). These 2 colours oppose each other, and only 9% of the population fall within the ‘grey areas’.

My Insights Profile was incredibly accurate, the profile tells you things about yourself you rarely admit to others. It outlines your strengths and weaknesses, and also areas such as ‘How does Kate like to be communicated with?’

After 6 weeks at Jack Russell Coaching I have gained a deeper understanding of Insights and have seen what a powerful tool it is within teams to get them to better understand how to get the best from people.

Jack has a motto, “Don’t treat people how you would like to be treated, treat people how they would like to be treated”

JRC Logo

JRC Logo


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