My Dark Side…Dancing.

So those of you who know me will also know that apart from all this outdoor adventure malarkey I have a dark side…I dance! It’s called Ceroc, a modern jive, its described as a fusion of salsa, ballroom, hip hop, swing, tango and jive. I’ve been dancing about 5 years and love it.

The Meat Hook Move

The Meat Hook Move with Ivan

I started dancing in Devon, and regularly still demo on stage with Ivan when visiting home in Exeter, Plymouth and Marldon. That involves being the female part of the dance during the lessons while Ivan takes the lead/mans part and teaches the class through 3 moves from the Ceroc syllabus. There are also different parts of the evening, the class where a 3 move routine is taught which you could dance on loop and then the freestyle where nothing is predetermined and you rely on your ability to feel the lead for any given move from your partner.

Jonny and myself dancing in Exeter.

Jonny and me dancing in Exeter.

Along with weekly class nights there also events hosted called weekenders. These are Friday through Monday events based around the country where Ceroc will take over and fill a whole Pontins for a weekend with hundreds of dancers. There are workshops throughout the day and then freestyle in several different rooms from 8pm til 5am, then classes start again at 9.30am…so all in all a hectic busy weekend fueled by Redbull and blister plasters. The weekenders are held all around the country Bristol, Camber, Norfolk, Southport and cruises all over. The weekenders also hold competitions and chances to dance with people from all over the world. Ivan and I recently taught our at our first 2 weekenders! A very different life from some of the last posts on ice climbing, snow holing and climbing! At the start of 2015 Ivan and I were offered the chance to take over our Franchise, and in April 2015 Ivan became the owner of Ceroc Devon, with me devoting time to both Ceroc Devon and Edhouse Outdoors. This means not only being on stage but also doing all the behind the scenes work like updating the website and facebook, making promotional material, advertising, keeping the accounts, booking venues, deciding on events throughout the year, solving issues with customers and most recently organising a Flash Mob with 100+ people.

Me and Ivan

Me and Ivan

I’d recommend it to everyone, it’s social, fun, exercise…whats not to love! If you’re ever about in Devon our classes are held in Torbay on a Monday, Exeter on a Tuesday and Plymouth on Thursday!


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