A quick round trip of Moel Siabod

So the snow has come and seems to be staying…for the moment at least. Sunday, a half day at work, a perfect chance for a quick solo run up Moel Siabod.

After parking at Pont Cyfyng, I followed the track up past old mining buildings and a quarry which now has a beautiful lake filling it. As you near the last lake, the ground became much snowier and frozen, a sign of good things to come. I was heading for the Daear Ddu ridge. A grade I/II winter route, the top which had been obscured by a snow heavy cloud. Once on the ridge I was in the full blast of the wind, wishing I had bought my goggles to protect my eyes from the whipped up snow!

The Daear Ddu ridge on the left.

The Daear Ddu ridge on the left.

A pleasantly frozen and snowy scramble to the trig point, a bit of re-orientation at the top and I was on my way back down the other side to hopefully make the last of the end of day cake! The sun was just setting as I left the summit, and an easy run back down the deep snow to the track into the forest, led to the last of the sticky buns and tea.

A quick and lovely route, 3 and half hours from car to cake. Much recommended.

View from the top.

View from the top.


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