The snow has arrived…and gone again.

It’s January 2015 in North Wales, the snow seems to come and then melt away as quickly as it fell. Over the Christmas period we had a fair amount of snow fall, and then the weather warms, the freezing level rises, the snow disappears and the rivers rise just for another cold snap to come and the cycle starts again. There’s then the issue of timing this with your days off, free time, and available partners!

I returned from sunny Devon to North Wales just before New Year. Myself and Ivan had a free day and there was a reasonable covering, enough to make it feel wintery but not enough to make everything a mission.

Panorama of the cannon and Pen Y Ole Wen

Panorama of the cannon and Pen Y Ole Wen

After waking up on Monday morning to a warmer feel and drizzle we weren’t too enthralled by the idea of leaving comfy beds and warm rooms for cold wet drizzle with the possibility of no snow and ice what so ever. But we kitted ourselves out and drove to Milestone car park. Being Ivans first time with an axe and crampons we decided on North Ridge and set off. At about 1/3 height the ground was covered in a white blanket covered in imprints of the walkers before us. We en devoured to find the hardest line, and the freshest untouched snow. Just after the notch the ground became too icy and snowy, we slipped our way to the summit where we enjoyed our sandwiches, hot ribena and a quick chat about how to use your axe and crampons and we where off. Down to Llyn Bochlwyd and back to the car.

The first of hopefully many snowy trips this winter.

Llyn Bochlwyd in the background

Llyn Bochlwyd in the background


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