Roc D’enfer Ridge Walk, Alps.

So myself and my good friend Jake recently took a trip out to Morzine, in the Alps, about an hour away from Geneva. We spent most of our time climbing and on Via Ferrate (see my other postss for the most exciting parts!) but one of our days was the challenging Roc D’Enfer walk.

The walk starts from Refuge Graydon, just above the tiny village of Essert Romand, the walk is primarily a ridge walk, with some huge exposure on the way to the summit. We started by following a steep but good path under the cable cars until the summit came into a view and a vague path lead off up a rocky gully. The gully being north facing was out of the sun and still soaked with dew. The Roc D’Enfer route is dangerous in anything apart from dry weather due to clay nature of the mud, when wet it forms an incredibly slippery surface which clogs up the tread on your boots. We slipped our way the gully until we popped out on the ridge leading up to the summit.

Danger Sign on Roc D'Enfer

Following up the steep exposed ridge leads to summit with a large white cross to mark it. The ridge follows on to another summit which is actually 1m taller at 2244m. At this point we where hoping to follow the rocky ridge along but steep grass and overhanging rock stopped us, we following the ridge back down to a col and walked across to Col Ratti (1990m).

Roc D enfer ridge

From Col Ratti we headed down to a small village of just a few houses called Les Praz, and then walked through the woods, following signs for Essert Romand. You can follow a path all the back round the Refuge Graydon but we decided to walk straight down to Essert Romand where our lift was picking us up from. The track through the woods is steep and after a days walk steep descent felt hard on the knees. The days walk took around 7 hours and took in 1200m of ascent and between 1400-1500m of descent.
Jake on Roc D'Enfer

The walk although simple navigation and terrain wise took in some spectacular views across the Alps. We had several days of good weather beforehand and on the day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so we got clear skies and fantastic views.


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