My favourtite experience underground…

When caving is bought up in conversation it’s usually followed by comments like “I could never go crawling around underground” and “I hate small spaces, it’s not for me” but for me caving gives me immense pleasure. Its not the crawling through squeezes (though that is fun!) or the getting muddy, it’s the great feeling of being able to explore and see amazingly beautiful things that the majority of the population dont even realiee are below their feet.

My favourite caving area is the mendips, and my favourite cave is GB Cavern, named so after it’s first explores Goddard and Baker, it’s closed to commercial groups so only competent recreational parites can enter, with a key.

GB Cave Survey

GB Cave Survey

GB cave is renouned for it’s hugely tall and wide main chamber, and it’s very impressivly decorated Bat Passage, in which when the cave floods parties can wait out the water. The cave was subject to a huge flood, which you can see the evidence of, a scary prospect.

The most memorable trip started with a trip down up the ladder into the Devils Elbow. After abseiling down and enetering and descending the Gorge, you can stand on the Bridge. The bridge is a slab of rock connecting two platforms, making entering Rhumba Alley and The Extensions much easier, the bridge formed in the flood when the flood washed away the more unstable rock underneath. After exploring Rhumba Alley you can descend the Oxboq and follow the Main Chamber to the Ladder Dig Pitch. The Ladder Dig is a glass like piece of wall with bolts and a chain so you can ascend into the upper series…After a stenuous climb up and duck through a muddy pool you enter a boulder filled chamber, in which you can often see fresh mud from the moving boulders which doesn’t always fill one with confidence. The boulder chamber leads onto the bat passage which is an incredible chamber filled with precious decorations.

Decorations in Bat Passage

Decorations in Bat Passage



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